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My 10 year Labrador died suddenly

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  • My 10 year Labrador died suddenly

    1st thing I noticed was she did not want to eat her food less then an hour before she died. Then the other dog barked and she went to the door to bark and then sat there. The next thing I noticed was she came back and started to flex her legs and growned, I ran to her and she died in front of me. My son buried her in the back yard. She did go out a few days before in the safe back yard with the other older dog and they ran around.

    Does anyone have any idea what it might be and was there anything I could do or have given her everyday so this type of thing does not happen to my other dogs? I read Blood clot. Is there something to give them to lessen blod clots? Do Blood clots cause a dog to not want to eat?

    I was a week late in going to the vet for the normal heart worm. Does this sound like heart worm? This dog was always active and so loving
    Having a Dog is such a joy. Losing them is terrible.

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    Their are a million things that your dog could have passed away from. Cancer, poison, Ruptured tumor, Foreign body ingestion etc. I am afraid without a necropsy you will never know.