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Unexplainable seizures

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  • Unexplainable seizures

    I could really use some help here!!!

    Someone I work with has a dog that is having seizures that 2 vets have been unable to explain.

    The dog is only just over a year old (not quite a year and a half but close). He's a mix breed, pug and something else small (one of those new designer breeds--puggle maybe?).

    Anyway. His seizures started not quite a year ago. They'd happen every three or four weeks. They happened only when he was in a deep, deep sleep. He'd shake a little, have that unconscious stare for a few minutes and then he'd be running around the house like the little mental puppy he is.

    And this went on every three or four weeks until recently.

    Now he's having them every week, maybe two. And it's not just one like it started out. Now he'll have one, snap out of it and immediately have another (and then sometimes another one or two after those first two). Sometimes he'll act like he's coming out of one but then slip into another one.

    No toxic plants or chemicals in the house or yard he's getting into. She's changed his food several times with no change in the seizures. His blood work came back fine, no problems at all. The only thing she hasn't done yet is EEG/EKG/MRI (which I'm taking him for her on Thursday afternoon).

    It's so strange. There just is no explanation for his seizures!!! Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful.

    One other question.....would any kind of vitamin/nutrient deficiency show up in the normal blood work?

    Also, if it helps, as a puppy he had a skin issue. Was not mange, was not flea dermatitis, not a staph. It was mainly in his paws and sometimes came up his legs (and apparently it was painful because he'd stop what he was doing, whimper and start digging in his feet--he was tearing his hair out). She said everything they tried (soaps, dips, medications, change of food, so on and so forth) didn't help at all. But then it all suddenly just fixed on its own and a month or so later is when all the seizures started.

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    Oh, and I should add he can have them anytime. It used to be only in a deep sleep but yesterday he was walking from one room to another and just hit the ground with a seizure.


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      Sounds like epilepsy. There isn't really any tests to prove that's what it is, it's usually diagnosed by ruling out everything else, which is what the Vet is probably doing at the moment.

      My rescue dog had four seizures in two weeks, and his bloods came back totally normal. He's now on Phenobarbital to treat the epilepsy, and it is controlling them well *touch wood*. Once the correct dose has been found, through trial and error, it is quite easy to manage.


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        Much of the time the cause of seizures in dogs does not get diagnosed. Their are many possible causes. Epilepsy, Brain tumor, kidney disease, liver disease, low blood sugar, etc.



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          What will you do if your dog is having seizures? What is the first aid for it?
          - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler