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my dixie girl and rusty(demodex mange)

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  • my dixie girl and rusty(demodex mange)

    Me and my boyfriend got my puppy dixie 2 1/2 years ago from our landlords. it was only about 5 months into having her that we found out that she had a skin condition. we took her to the vet and he told us she was allergic to plastic, and it was no big deal and if she stayed away from plastic she would be fine. well it didnt turn out fine it was only a few months later that our dixie puppy had scrached gashes into her side we took her back to the vet and he told us to put a collar on her that had "amatraz" and she would be okay.

    she was fine for a while until she reached 2 years old and got so bad she had hardly no fur on her body and we took her to a new vet that told us she has "demodex mange" the bad part is it can never be 100% cured only well controlled with medacines and the vet gave us medacine to give her orally called "ivomectine" she had also gotten an eye condition from the sores on her eyes the medacine i had to put in her eye every day was like neosporin i felt horrible giving it to her but it helped so much they told us "demodex mange" is not contagious so we could get a puppy so we got a new puppy named "rusty" he is a georgous dog and has started to show signs of "demodex mange" but we were able to get it controlled before it spread to the severe level that our dixie got to, but please do not worry about my dixie girl, her condition is getting way better and her condition is finally getting under control my dogs are doing great now and dixie looks better than ever and is acting like a puppy again!!!

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    Mange is a hard one to deal with. Try this site its got some good information on it that mgiht help, there are treatments, but because she has been diagnosed with this type of mange it would appear its a natural type of mange. Give it a read see if it helps.
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      Sorry to hear about your poor baby! Yes, demodex is hereditary and the only thing you can do for her is control it. "They" say stressful situations bring it out. I strongly suggest having her spayed, if she isn't already. I had a friend whose dog would break out, she'd treat it only for it to break out again a few months later. She had her spayed and it never happened again!!

      Good luck and I hope all stays well!


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        thank youall for the help and yes she just got spayed 2 weeks ago acctually this forum is proving itself to be very helpful already to me and m puppies THANK YOU


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          Demodectic Mange, also called “Red Mange,” is a noncontagious skin disease that has been around as long as there have been dogs and veterinarians. It still is one of the most difficult medical conditions to manage successfully in some cases.
          It is caused by a tiny parasite which lives in the hair follicles and skin glands of the dog.
          Puppies are infected with mites from contact with the skin of their mother while nursing. The mites are present in the skin of many healthy dogs and do not cause disease. It is thought that pets diagnosed with demodectic mange are “immunodeficient”‑‑unable to fight off the mites as a healthy dog would do. This allows large numbers of the mites to appear.