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PLEASE help with scratching!!!

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  • PLEASE help with scratching!!!

    Mauzer, my Maltese started scratching two to three months ago. It was occasionally and was of no concern at that stage. Her scratching mode increased and now a days she is starting to shed hair. I treated her with ticks, fleas and mites with the normal powders, sprays and dewormers and shape up her bathing routine to once a week. She usually is fine for approximately two days before the scratching starts all over again.

    I’m sure other dog owners that have the same problem can advise us that are experiencing similar signs. I’m awaiting your suggestions!!!

    In the meanwhile I’m going to enjoy my lunch on the port in the beautiful spring sunshine down here.

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    Have her checked out to see if she may have mange, if so you may have to look at some of the treatment options avaliable to you. She may also be allergic to something that is bloom in your area and reacting to it while it is on her skin.
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      Our dog has ear issues for years, always shaking his head and scratching too. We'd get him on the meds & all, but it always came back. Then the dog food recalls hit, we did major research, eliminated corn & wheat from his diet, and now his ears are fine. He is on Thyroid meds, as underactive theroid was causing his skin irritations, but this never helped his ears. Changing the food did.
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        Sounds like it could be allergies. Allergies are very common in dogs to ingredients in the food and or something in the environment.. Veterinarians commonly do blood test and allergy shots. Test normally takes about two weeks and the shots are normally only a few injections. You may want to consider that as a possibility.