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    We are so desperate our dog needs a mri scan, and it is to cost £1000 pounds +, and we just do not have the money. So the only choice is to have Molly put to sleep. It justs seem so unfair that it comes down to money in the end if a dog lives or dies, and the guilt of not having the money to pay for this. She fought to get over a hysterectomy after being in kennels and the owner failed to notice she had pyrometry (I know that is not how you spell it) but it cost over two thousand pounds for that. Then she got a digestive desease which cost over £1600, but there was money then to pay for this, things have changed so far in the last two week we have paid out over £300 (which we have not got), now to find out exactly whats wrong is £1,000, then whatever the prognosis is. It is so hard, that a choice of live or death comes down to money.

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    This is such a common problem and it is horrible that it comes down to money. Just know you are not alone. I work in a hospital and that is the hardest thing is dealing with the financial issues that owners have. Veterinary medicine continues to advance and get more and more expensive with those advancements. Pet ownership should be a simple thing but it is not. Pet ownership becomes a huge responsibility more then most people realize. I am sorry you are going through this.