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Puppy vomiting in the morning! What's wrong?

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  • Puppy vomiting in the morning! What's wrong?

    Hi Everybody,

    my wife and I just adopted a cute, 12 week old, Terrier Mix and his name is Carter. We didn't get a chance to take him to the vet yet. Though everything seems to be fine with him there's one thing that concerns us a little bit. We got Carter on Saturday and on Sunday morning and this morning he vomited right after we took him out. The vomit has kind of a yellowish color. It's not much but we don't know why he does that and that's why we're little concerned. Does anyone know what's wrong with him?

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    Sick Puppy

    Good Morning,

    There are many things, mostly simple) that can cause vomiting in a young puppy. Each of these things though needs to be taken care of by a veterinarian who can determine what the problem is.

    The possibilities are endless - from worms (which all puppies are born with and which need several frequent treatments to eliminate and PLEASE dom't use an over the counter wormer) to hermorrhagic gastroenteritis.

    Additionally if you haven't had a chance to get to the vet yet and your puppy is 12 weeks old he will need some additional vaccines to prevent other potentially fatal problems like parvo. If he has already had some vaccines he will still need others until he is 18 weeks old.

    Please let us know what the veterinarian says caused the worms - It is important to take care of it as puppies dehydrate quickly when they vomit and dehydration can cause a lot of bigger problems.


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      Thanks for the quick answer. It is not worms, we know that and he's already had some vaccines. We're going to take him to the Vet on Friday. I just want to make sure that it is nothing serious. He only vomits in the morning after we take him out and before he eats and he's also fine right afterwards. I'll make sure he drinks enough though and I'll let you know what the Vet thinks about it.

      Thank You again...



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        Puppy getting sick in the morning

        Both of my pups would get sick periodically in the morning... I come to figure feed timings to be the key... The longer they go without eating, period between feedings, the more likely they will suffer acid reflux...

        Just my .02


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          Definitely check with your vet-there are numerous things that could cause a puppy to vomit.

          Also, it isn't uncommon for dogs to vomit if the stomach is very empty - haven't eaten for a while - it may be as simple as that.