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My Shih-Tzu is scraching to much!!

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  • My Shih-Tzu is scraching to much!!

    I have a 4 1/2 months old Shih-Tzu he has been scraching alot latetly. I went to the vet an she said that it couldn't be allergies because he was to young. She gave me some pills to alliviate the itchinnes, but it just work for several hours. I have tryed bathing him with oatmeal shampoo...but is not helpping. Is there anything else I could do?? :(

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    What are you feeding the dog. I can almost guarantee that it is something in the food that the dog is allergic to.


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      I have a Shih-Tzu and she has had a lot of problems with itchiness in the past. It is absolutely a food allergy. And while I respect the vets' opinions, in my personal opinion, your little one is not too young to be already having problems.

      As Kerry asked, what are you feeding him? The typical grocercy store brands have a lot of fillers in them and that can really aggrevate the problem.

      I've found, by trial and error, that a good brand of Lamb-and-Rice dry food works the best for my Missy girl. I'm currently using the Iams brand in this variety, and she is doing really well. I also "treat" her and Taffy with a little bit of the Beneful Healthy Weight formula, and that seems to be doing okay, too. Though I probably wouldn't feed it exclusively.

      An added note is that most of the medications that the vets give for the itchiness are steriods and can really cause problems if used long-term. If/When I have to supplement to treat a symptom like itching, I try to go "natural" and herbs, etc.

      Good luck in finding the cause for your little one! Keep us posted.
      Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)


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        Food Allergy

        Well I went back this week to the vet and she actually told me that I had miss understood her, that Rusty could have an allergyor just some dry skin. So she gave me some supplenment call 3V... I have been giving him Science Diet puppy small bites. But I will try Science Diet lamb and rice formula......let see how that works for him!!

        Thank you so much for your comments and advice.
        Lissie :D