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Epilepsy- cramps????

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  • Epilepsy- cramps????

    I have a labrador retriever and he has epilepsy? Maybe someone have experience with this problem? Or suggestions?!? It's sooo HARD! :cry:

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    Has your vet prescribed any anticonvulsant therapy? Generally that's what they do for 1-2 weeks and if no seizures occur then slowly discontinue and regulate usage based on when the next seizure occurs. Unless your dog has seizures within 30 days of each other, or has seizures lasting more than 5 minutes (status epilepticus) continuous anticonvulsant medication isn't usually prescibed.

    What's the problem with the cramps?
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      With my Siberian Miles, the dog in the photo, shortly after we adopted him he started getting seizures. He would get them quite frequently. After each time he would forget were he was or who we were. He would become very aggressive and not remember any commands. My mom was going to put-him-to-sleep but I convinced her to talk to the vet about medication. He is now on medication and he hasn't had a seizure since but he has to stay on the medication for the rest of his life.