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seems something is bothering her ear

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  • seems something is bothering her ear

    My 5 m/o German Shepard is having some ear problems. I don't think it's ear mites. I was staying with my parents last week and washed her 3 days ago and think I may have gotten some water in her ears so I watched her for an hour or so and she still was bothered by her right ear. So I used some ear canal cleaner that my mother had which was supposed to clean the ears and dry out any fluid in them. She is still shaking her head and sometimes doesn't stand that ear straight up. She's a German Shep, so the ears are almost always straight up :wink: For the most part she seems fine, just every once in a while she drops that ear down a bit, starts shaking her head and scratches it. Any suggestions on something that I can put in there to calm her down and dry it out. I put the solution in both of her ears, but only the one is bothering her.

    Thanks... :)
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    At this point it is time to take her to the vet and have her looked at...nothing we could help with over the internet since you've done everything we'd probably suggest! :)

    Keep us posted..


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      I agree with going to the vet. But before that, check for a loose hair in the ear. Nothing drives my dog batty more that that. Be careful to only remove what you can see & be very gentle. Two Q-tips wrapped in a kleenex will do but be VERY careful not to poke in the ear. Maybe let a vet do it if the dog might move at the worse moment.