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Turtle! Rare turtle!

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  • Turtle! Rare turtle!

    Hi forum, hi guys, i wanna know what kind, type of turtle is this one
    if it is female, male, from where it became, the specie, etc,
    all the information that you can tell me could be great!
    please give me some help :D thanks.

    if you want bigger images just tell me


  • #2 Not even sure why I'm attempting to answer this since I don't know much about turtles or repiles for that matter (I usually stick to dogs and horses, lol) best guess would be something like a dessert tortise or something similar.

    Maybe you could look through this website and see if you find anything?

    Where are you located? lol Don't worry I don't want your address just what part of the world are you in and if it's the U.S what state? The location that you found it could help you determine the species. Good luck to you and I hope one of the more knowledgeable people on this board will chime in and give you something better than my guesses. :D Have a great day!
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      Hi! thank you for the answer! im in argentina! in the website the Geochelone Chilensis has a very close appearance with my tortoise! but i dont think it is because of it's carapace, but well, it think that he is that specie. im investigating.

      a question, how can i get his age?



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        Well I'm in Texas (U.S) and have no clue about anything in Argentina. lol Makes ya wonder why I keep responding huh? lol Anywho......I don't know how to estimate the age on turtles. When I get online tomorrow though I'll dig around online and see what I can find out. Is there a vet in your area who is familar with turtles that could possibly help with guessing its age and determining the species???
        "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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          I don`t think there is a way to tell a turtle`s age.
          The last time I took my turtle to the vet, he told me that you would have to guess because there is no way to tell their age.(I have turtles, I`m not sure if it`s the same with tortoises)
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            its look like an Sulcata Tortoises
            i think it's female coz its belly is not concave, do you know when they have conjugal the male will be on top of the female. this typical gender shows in a adult turtle.
            about age i can't predict it

            maybe this site can help you


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              Ya it is ether a sulcatta tortoise or a male great African tortoise(it can get to the size 4ft).
              and that's what I got to say.
              animals are great!