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Baby Crayfish!

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  • Baby Crayfish!

    A few days ago, I looked inside of my tank and found a bunch of baby crayfish. This morning I thought that I should separate the parents from the them... Can anybody tell me how to care for the babies?

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    to take care this cray fish

    to take care this cray fish you have to prepare a small pipe or something like small hole, that crayfish can hide from other crayfish.
    and they wil change their shell and growth bigger.
    if they can't hide other crayfish will eat them, when they change the shell.
    change the diameter hole for hiding when your crayfish growth bigger

    keep the water clean and put and air bubble inside the water.
    feed it with submersible food at night. coz this fish is nocturnal

    i hope this will help you
    best regards


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      Crayfish like it dark and cool, and during much of the daylight they will be found alone, withdrawn under a rock or a clump of vegetation, waiting for dark, at which time they come out to forage for food. Crayfish are omnivorous, eating just about anything they can find or catch, dead or alive. Large food is held and torn to pieces in the large pincers and conveyed to the mouth by the smaller specialized legs near the head.
      Crayfish are terrific animals for your students to study. They walk, swim, eat, hide, breathe, mate, molt, and die right in the classroom. Your crayfish container is a microcosm of life on Earth, and students will learn a lot by sharing time with crayfish.Thanks..


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        Baby crayfish need a peaceful environment with plenty of cover for hiding like plants and this fish need ample clean, cool water and sufficient food in order to be healthy.
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          Have a freshwater aquarium or some sort of freshwater aquarium and feed it plants, like lettuce or kale. Make sure to clean out it's home occasionally.
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            I decided to answer this question because nobody had answered it yet and i thought it might be helpful well here is my story...
            my friend and i were playing at a creek and i found a crayfish and i picked it up. the crayfish had dozens of baby crayfish hanging onto her well.. err... um ...butt. two of the babys fell off and were caried down sream we put the momma back and raced down the creek to find them when we did we took them back to her house and she kpt one and i kept the other. i named mine Loki (cute huh) i was debating Sparta but decided not to. we looked up some stuff on line and this is what we found the most helpful

            What they eat:
            dried seeweed
            fish food
            turtle food
            and finely chopped veggies (when there older.)

            if your going to keep a crayfish do not i repeat do not house them together. Believe me i found out the hard way... poor Toki(lokis brother) ... sniff sniff oh well bad things can happen.
            You should house a single adult crayfish in a ten gallon tank or bigger. as for housing them with other animals that is a no no the crayfish will kill anything it can get its hands on... um claws on i guess.
            well overall crayfish make good pets ill tell you how lokis doin if you type in the question how is loki doing ill update you in a couple of days now
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              Re: Baby Crayfish!

              All the above advises are valuable for caring baby crayfish. Always remember that it is difficult to keep them alive, so care must be taken.