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Real Plants or Fake Plants.

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  • Real Plants or Fake Plants.

    I was just wondering what you guys prefer in your tank. alot of people think real plants do a lot of water oxygenation but they don't actually contribute a great deal. im not saying they dont but not very much.

    I have a mixture. i had 2 real plants and now only have one I had a pound weed one and it totally messed up my tank with bits fallen off so i took it out. i have another plant that seems to be growing good then 2 other fakes and 1 fake in my fry tank..

    Suppose its nice to see a real plant grow and im going to replace my real one with another real.

    I heared that goldfish and chiclids eat plants.
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    Real plants for meI

    suggest real plants. I enjoy watching them grow, taking cutings and replacing them reguarly. I dont think you get the same look with the plastic ones and its more natural. I guess its a personal choice tho.
    Good luck choosing!!


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      Live plants were the norm back in the sixties when I set up my first aquarium. We've come a long way since then. The fish keeper of today can opt for very attractive plastic and silk plants that come close to passing for the real thing. So what is the best choice for aquarium plants, real or artificial? Even the most experienced fish keepers don't agree. Why? Because there isn't a right or wrong answer. It comes down to a matter of choice
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