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  • Netfloat pond netting

    Hi everyone here, I normally in the cat section,

    Now I have just finished making my pond a little deeper, Filled it up, looking lovely, but then the net goes back on, looks sooo much better without the net.
    But I don't want my fish to be the heron's breakfast,
    I have seen this Netfloat on ebay, A floating plastic net, just wondering if anyone has used it on their ponds, If so whats it like?

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    Re: Netfloat pond netting

    I've seen netfloats before they work really well for herons. Where we are living we have both herons and raccoons. So we needed a predator decoy. At first we tried standard fish pond netting and the raccoons shredded it and got right into the pond and pulled out around half of the large koi we purchased. Mind you they only ate 2, the others they left to die on the lawn. We got a floating alligator decoy that moves around the pond with the wind and currend created by the fountain. After that no more missing fish. It has kept the raccoons and herons away for the last several years. My neighbor actually uses a fake gator in his pool to keep the geese away, which is how we got the idea. Anyway here's a helpful guide to them for anyone who may have the same problem: http://www.gardenandpatiohomeguide.c...r-decoy-guide/