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What sort and how many fish can I keep in a 120 liter tank.

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  • What sort and how many fish can I keep in a 120 liter tank.

    Just posted this in the tropical section but I noticed after that there have only been 4 posts this year in that section so thought I should also post it here. Sorry if it breaks any rules (feel free to delete if this is a problem)

    Anyway here goes (again)

    Got a 120 liter fish tank for my birthday yesterday from the girlfriend but I am very new to keeping fish and need a little help. While my water sorts itself out in the tank I have been to the aquarium shops today and had a look at some fish which I think would suit my tank type, water temp and size and I made a list of the ones I liked. So to start with and before any questions here is the list I made of the fish that I figured could maybe work together and with my tank.

    Molly (silver, dalmation)
    Zebra fish
    Sterba's corydoras
    Siamese fighting fish
    Dwarf gourami
    Caridina shrimp
    Ghost catfish
    Agassizi's Dwarf Cichlid

    I think those names are correct, it's tough to know as I live in sweden so have translated the names to english.

    So those are the fish I have seen that I like and my tank is 120 liters, water temp is set at 26 degrees C. What I would like to know is how many fish I should start with in my tank and which of the above I should get and how many of which ones works best together and in time what would the max number be in my tank as I have no idea!

    It is prob a tough question but if anyone could just write me an example list using my list above of what I could actually house in my tank and what would be a good mix to give me an idea of numbers etc then it would be of great help.

    Oh and one more thing..... Can anyone recommend any algae eating fish that would work in my tank as I don't think I have any of those on my list apart from the shrimp.

    Thanks in advance!
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