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Betta having trouble

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  • Betta having trouble

    I`m newbie here but i have problem with my betta she is only sitting on the bottom
    Click image for larger version

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    And i don`t know what to do maybe i should cycle and heat my tank?
    I have found some articles How to take care of a betta and this one but i don`t know where to start.

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    Re: Betta having trouble

    Just keep the aquarium environment filled with some plants and rocks and keep changing water on regular intervals to keep them going and happy.


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      Re: Betta having trouble

      What are the water perimeters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc)? What’s the tank size? What is the temperature? Is it filtered? These are all very important questions. He looks like he may have some ammonia burning which means an uncycled tank. Read up on the nitrogen cycle. Fish’s waste will become toxic if it builds up, and especially in a small environment (like a fish tank) it can kill the fish if you don’t grow a colony of healthy bacteria to consume waste. I would do daily 30% water changes. Make sure the water is heated and conditioned. Optimum tank temp for bettas is 80° Fahrenheit, if you don’t have a heater then you will need to buy one. I recommend you get some API stress coat and Seachem Prime as soon as you can. API stress coat is a stress reliever and may help. Seachem prime temporarily detoxifies ammonia and nitrite to keep the fish same between waterchanges.

      Do NOT clean or change your filter media. Your filter media is where the good bacteria grows and if the tank is not mature you don’t want to change it.

      Do NOT do 100% waterchanges. This is extremely stressful for fish and often leads to PH and temperature shock. It also kills good bacteria you need in the tank.

      I would recommend getting a bacterial supplement like Tetra safe start or something to help kick start your cycle.

      I hope he gets better!
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