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My new 40 gallon!

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  • My new 40 gallon!

    Hey guys! Wanted to let y’all know about my new tank. It was a deal on Craigslist, it was $45 and the guy threw in bunch of live plants and some sand. I set it up last week and it’s been a process of getting things put together. I’ve got pics of the setup.

    Got it cleaned up and on the stand 0C5BB00E-1589-4874-95B3-4258AFB9E939.jpeg
    Put sand in and scaped it. A10E0EF2-D38A-4E34-99E8-2415A3E360FF.jpeg
    Filled part way, checked for leaks 5B9CECD2-C242-4283-BACA-873D4B444335.jpeg
    Filled all the way (with temporary DIY filter while I waited for my filter to come in the mail). 524B9B3F-7772-47FE-8C00-233D37C69610.jpeg
    Tank cleared up a bit later, put a background on it. 899E4332-269A-4897-882B-CDFE374BB465.jpeg

    Then this is what it currently looks like. I’ve now got my aquaclear 50 running on it (and it’s doing a nice job) and I’m planning on throwing in a large sponge filter also. Heater is keeping it at 76-78°. Tank is cycling right now. I can hardly wait! Already seeing nitrates cause I seeded it with some cycled filter media from the 10 gallon. Have to wait till it can cycle 2-3 ppm of ammonia out in 24 hours before it’s ready for fish. 5A1C61B1-F693-4C2E-A2A7-0690EE2B2748.jpeg

    Now I’m thinking about stocking. I’m planning on all my aquatic snails going in this tank and adding a pair of oranda goldfish (which I will update y’all on that when I get them). I’m super excited!

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    Re: My new 40 gallon!

    Sorry, the images didn’t show up the first time. I’ll repost them.


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      Re: My new 40 gallon!

      Hi LittleGoldSnail

      Amazing tank setup, and what a bargain for $45! How many snails are you planning on keeping in this tank? I imagine you'd be able to get a decent number of them without it being too crowded.
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        Re: My new 40 gallon!

        I have one sulawesi rabbit, 3 mystery snails and two nerites. They should have plenty of space. I don’t think I’d add any more besides that if I get oranda goldfish though. Oranda goldfish usually achieve about 8” and have a pretty big bio load, living to be about 15 yrs old when given the proper tank size (30 gallons for one and 10 extra for each additional). Most people don’t realize how bad bowls really are. When you put a baby goldfish in a bowl (all the little goldfish you see in stores are babies), it stunts the fish, shortening the lifespan to only a few months (rather then 15-20 yrs), and in a bowl, the fish usually dies of ammonia poisoning (buring it’s gills and suffocating it). Bowls are one of the cruelest inventions in fishleeping, they are no better then puppy farms.