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Bettas problems

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  • Bettas problems

    My betta (herbert) Is in a small 1 1/2 gallon aquarium, the aquarium came with a tube that goes to the surface of the water and blows bubbles and a light . Should i use eether?


    Also, the gravel that came with the tank are big rocks, so the floor is uneven should i get the normal gravel?
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    The air helps airate the tank. Yes keep it in. The light is for your benefit.. Do not keep it on all the time.
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      Betta's are special fish with high endurance.
      They actually can breath the air that you and I breath.
      The tube that you are talking about is the undergravel filter, which in this case is fine to have.
      What an undergravel filter is, is a pan with holes in it under your gravel.
      The tube with the air stone it creates a suction which pull all the uneaten food and fish waste under the pan.
      This is to cultivate benifical bacteria that clean the water.
      It also aireates the water.
      The main thing you want to do, really, is to make sure there's air in the tank.
      No air means no fish.
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        It is fine to have your betta in a small area, I have mine in maybe 1 gallon tanks, if that. Don't keep the light on all the time.


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          I have the "baby biOrb" aquarium tank for my beta and always leave the air pump going. I would leave yours on all the time, especially if you do not have any plants in the aquarium. Also, 4 gallons is small, so I can not imagine only 1 1/2 gallons for a tank... maybe upgrade so your betta can have more room!
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