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  • Betta not moving

    After the Swim Bladder disease nothing had happened to Apple (my betta). He was making bubble nests and was a nice, dark, healthy red in colour. But yesterday, I noticed that he wasn't moving around a lot. He had made bubble nests, just not moving around much. And he didn't swim to the front of the tank when I came to see him as he usually does. He didn't even eat much. At night I noticed he had lost his colour and was paler than he was the previous day. When I woke up today and went to check on him, he was lying at the bottom of his tank. He looks paler than ever and I even swirled the water from the top, to see if he was sleeping, but he didn't respond.

    I don't know what to do.

    He has white spots on his face and I think he has Ich but I am not sure. What should I do now? It isn't too late, is it?

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    Oh, dear! Yes, this sounds like Ich, although only a vet specialising in fish could give a definite verdict. However, you may not have time enough left for making appointments, travelling to a specialist, etc. Act quickly. Get some Seachem ParaGuard. You could possibly order it on Amazon, with priority delivery requested. Or better still, see if you can get it from a specialist fish store or local vet. There is a very helpful page here:

    Make sure to come back here and let us know how you got on. Every best wish!
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    Do animals have souls?


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      Unfortunately, it was already too late by the time I asked. I still don't understand how it turned to the worst overnight, but it did. Apple was already dead when I posted this.

      I thought he was just tired or something...

      Still, thanks. Means a lot.


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        I am very sorry to hear your news. My thoughts go to you...
        Do animals have souls?