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    sorry i forgot to update you all
    the couples other dog took an instant dislike to goldie and when he tried to play the other dog tried to bite :(

    the couple actually loved goldie and if they hadnt had the other dog i reckon they would have wanted to take him right then. his lordship is still with me.

    his stitches have been removed and i taught him a special command for it, i called it vet check but he will only do it once then get up. the nurse got down to take the stitches out while he was in 'vet check' (on his back)
    but she forgot her scissors and when she got up so did goldie :(
    in the end it was a rather undignified picture worthy mess to get it done :lol:

    he is getting the hang of the high jumps and he likes to climb, i dont have a walkway in my agility equipement but i reckon that will be no probs to him :) i'm going to start teaching him the weave next :) i will start with cones though.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)