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Dog's throat lacerated, resulting in death.

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  • Dog's throat lacerated, resulting in death.

    19 year old, Robert Lee Bailey, cut the throat of 6 year old dog, Sassy after stealing her from her yard and taking her to an abandoned trailer to kill her. He was arrested January 17, 2006 and held on $50,000 bond. He admitted he was guilty and confessed to taking Sassy from her yard and killing her. However, he was later released with the sentence of time served, counseling and being ordered to live with his grandfather in Nevada. He is not serving any more time in jail, he is not being punished for this brutal crime. He is free to harm more animals and possibly move on to humans. This is a disservice to your community and other communities around the country. He needs to be punished for this crime against an animal. According to the Ada Evening News the DA, Nancy Shew, was quoted as saying, "This type of offense could carry up to five years in jail, but [she] felt that this type of punishment was enough to help get Bailey back on the right track." We, the undersigned, disagree with the sentence given by Judge Thomas Landrith and the opinion of the Nancy Shew. This is not enough to get him "back on the right track." He needs to be severely punished for this premeditated crime that he admitted to committing. He plead guilty to this crime and he needs to be sentence to the maximum allowed by law, which according to DA Nancy Shew is five years in jail. We, the undersigned, demand that Robert Lee Bailey be sentenced to the maximum penalty for animal cruelty and/or abuse in Ada, Oklahoma. He did not deny his actions as he plead guilty and admitted to the involvement in the death of Sassy.

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    I signed the petition. I hope you're able to collect the 1000 you are hoping for, though it looks like it won't be a problem.

    Curious to know if you have any more information regarding this case? I'm from Nevada and the name sounds familiar. In fact, I want to say it was on a "do not adopt to" list I received from a local shelter after a follow up visit to a previous adoption found a dead animal.