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Promise the Horse needs rescue NOW

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  • Promise the Horse needs rescue NOW

    She's on death row right now. She will ship at noon to the slaughter plant.

    Promise is a nice young quarter horse type mare.

    I've also offered to board her and start her under saddle so that she can have a long productive life.

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    :( sorry about promise but everything dies at one point i experienced my hamster dieing i know it isnt the same but i am not mourning anymore.


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      Oh Ashanta.....I realize you had good intentions with your reply but what a horrible thing to say. A hamster passing away from old age is WAY different than a horse being murdered because some moron refused to take care of it in the first place.

      Desey.....any word yet? Did Promise get out of the shelter??? Man I wish I had been closer or that I could have done something to help.

      :( My heart goes out to you; I know how hard this can be sometimes.


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        That`s really sad.
        Animals always become best friends.


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          A slaughter plant is not a typical end-of-life death Ashanta. That is an absolutely ridiculous comparision.

          A slaughterhouse is no place for any animal to wind up.
          It is a disgrace that this nation allows such cruelty.


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            Do you have ANY idea?

            Do you know how they kill horse at a place like that? Is makes me :evil: to even compare a death in a loving home and a death like that, full of fear, pain and other horrors (that I wont go into as this is a family forum) I hope this lovely lady got a good home.