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    "...Saving just one pet won't change the world
    but; surely the world will change for that one pet..."

    I recently left a place called Albany, Louisiana. My boyfriend has been working there since Katrina caused her life- changing devastation. Being an animal activist and guardian, while I was there I did what I could to help save the neglected, abused, stray and feral animals in the area.

    The last six months that I was there, I found (literally) an Angel. Had I not found this Angel, I just might have wound up in a mental hospital since the area I lived in was surrounded with people that have NO compassion for animals.
    Don’t misunderstand me. Considering that I always travel with my boyfriend, I have been to many states where they needed much help. But if you looked, you would find someone that had some compassion. I don’t know how I can express in words what I have seen; the suffering and the pain that I saw EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE I turned in Albany. I even had my first real experience with feral cats; yet another heart-breaking ending.

    I was at the point where I just wanted to hide in my camper and not face the reality of this community. But one night, searching the internet, I ran across a web site that said there was an animal sanctuary in Albany. I thought for a second, I could finally take a deep breath and breathe. The name of it was “Don’t Be Cruel Sanctuary.” So, I thought well that’s cute. I have got to check this place out. Maybe, just maybe, they can help me with this insanity that I am seeing EVERYDAY.

    I clicked on the web site and the first thing I read was “We are no longer able to operate as a shelter facility due to lack of funds and volunteers. This is effective August 7th 2004”. I just couldn’t believe it. Now mind you, I had searched and searched for some local organization any where in the state that would help. You have to also remember that Katrina had just hit. So what little organizations there were in the state, were quite busy and extremely full.

    In Louisiana there are Parishes, not counties. Albany is one town of several in Livingston Parish. Livingston Parish needs major help to be honest. It’s a sad thing.

    Further down on this web page it read, “Even though we are not able to take in Dogs or Cats, we do try to help others that have animals that need homes. Please check our adoptable list!”
    I ended up calling and going to the "former” shelter. By the time it was time for us to return to our home, I realized that they {her and her husband} had taken in NINE animals that I had rescued and helped me with numerous others. They are still caring for SEVEN of them along with all of their rescued animals and their own pets. This is with NO volunteers and NO donations. That to me is the definition of compassion! They would tell me stories of waking up in the morning and finding animals tied to their mailbox or running around in their yard when they did operate a shelter facility. Can you imagine that?

    The owners of the shelter helped me and now I want to help them. They truly can not take in any more animals. RIGHT NOW at the “Don’t Be Cruel Sanctuary” there are several animals that need a special person. I am hoping that by posting this on the internet someone will reach out and help these animals and their caretakers too, for that matter. I need your HELP. Without others getting involved, it will never get any better for these animals. This is one of those times that you would have to really see it to believe it. You can help by adopting one of these animals or, if possible, sending any donation for all the ones that never get adopted and all the animals to come. These people are really in favor of spaying and neutering and your donations could also be used for that. They help anyone that is willing to spay and neuter, even if that means transporting to and from the clinic and returning the animal to its home.

    Here is a list of just SOME of the Animals looking for Good Homes that are at the Don’t Be Cruel Sanctuary. To see all of them, PLEASE go to

    Labrador Retriever-Black-Young-Spayed-Vaccinated-KATRINA-Needs home with other Friendly Dog/Dogs-NO Cats Please. This little girl seemed to be unwanted and some one just dropped her off at a gas station and didn’t care what happened to her. Not unusual in this small town.

    FOUR Australian Shepherd Puppies-going on 3 months old-DINGO-Male and Roo, Mellie and Chocolate-Three Females. MUST SPAY AND NEUTER-MUST be a family companion. These puppies were NEGLECTED by a “want to be breeder.” You must have LARGE fenced yard-NO PENS!!!!!

    Tabby-Orange Stripped-THREE Kittens-WILL BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTED-These are “MUMSYS” Babies

    She is a GREAT Momma. She not only mothered a kitten from a feral cat, a few weeks later she mothered a kitten that was rescued by me {DINK} that is a couple of weeks younger than Mumsys own FIVE Kittens. She is a lover and needs someone that has plenty of time to spend with her. She loves attention and came from a home where she was really NEGLECTED.

    Domestic Short Hair-Orange and White-Baby-Male-DINK-WILL BE NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTED-MUST GO TO HOME WITH NO KIDS AND NO PLAN FOR KIDS This little boy was rescued when I found him at a ball field being kicked around in a box by some nasty boys, as if he were a kick ball. His little cries got my attention quickly. His plea for help lead me to take him to the shelter. .

    Domestic Short Hair-Gray and White-Young-Male-Neutered-Vaccinated-LOVER BOY
    This Kitty came from a home where he was NEGLECTED. He is a lover and therefore I named him LOVER BOY. He is currently an outside cat. But, I think he would do well as an indoor/outdoor cat. He LOVES to get attention and a good scratching. He would do well in a single kitty home if there were a special person who had time to spend with him and love him.

    PLEASE visit for more on their personalities and for other animals that need homes.
    This is just a SMALL part of what this kind lady and her husband have done for the animals in Albany, in a Parish that does NOT have a shelter for animals. In case you’re wondering, NO they do NOT even have Animal Control. This community controls the animal population by either SHOOTING and Drowning them or dropping them off on the side of the road or at gas stations.


    Sincerely, Sky