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Smiffy--can I borrow your head banging post please???

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  • Smiffy--can I borrow your head banging post please???

    Some people really get my blood boiling!!!

    So just about 5 weeks ago a lady adopted one of Momma Dog's puppies and three days ago she called and said she was having some problems with her, it still wasn't doing great with her other dog or her son's dog, yadayadayada--could she bring it back?

    Sure I said, no problem! In fact, our contract asks that if there is a problem to please return it to us rather than finding it another home on your own. So I've always encouraged animals returned here rather than finding them homeless or in a shelter somewhere.

    So I'm talking to this lady about her returning the puppy and she asks what happens when she returns it. Her concern is, if the spay/neuter certificate isn't returned on time that she'd be charged the fee for it. So I explained there'd be a return/surrender certificate for her to fill out when she drops it off and I'd mark the contract "animal returned" so then in November when I get a pop up that so and so's spay/neuter certificate is due, I'd be able to check and see that the animal was returned so no certificate is due back. But she says no, she doesn't like that idea and she just wants the original certificate given to her so it'd look like the entire adoption never really happened.

    So I told her that I can't do that. That I need to know where each dog went, why it might have been returned, yadayadayada. For the most part, it helps me keep track of my finances and know why I went through 300 lbs of kibble this month and only 100 the next kinda thing. She said that doesn't make sense, it's my dog and I would know it was my dog and yadaydaydayada so I don't need any paperwork. So I explained the return certificate explains that by signing this certificate she understands the original contract becomes void (which means she is no longer responsible for spaying the dog), that by returning it she waves all her rights as owner to the dog, and that she understands it may be placed in a new home as determined by us. I explained she would fill this out, we both would sign it, it would be stapled to her adoption contract and one set would be filed with me and she'd receive a copy.

    But oh no, this isn't good enough. There's still something "fishy" about this and oh no, she just has to have the original contract returned to her, no copies, no more forms to fill out. This adoption just HAS to disapear completely.

    I'm sorry, Maam, I can't do that.

    "Well fine, I'm reporting you then because this is a horrible way to run a so called business and I'll see to it that you're shut down."


    At this point, I'm ready to scream, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!"

    What the heck!?!?! This woman has never, for example, taken out a loan before? Or has she just assumed by paying off a loan all the previous paperwork and activity just disapears???

    So the lady threatened to turn me in, I told her I was sorry she felt that way and that if she chose to surrender the puppy, I'd have her paperwork ready and if she had any questions or needed directions back out here to give me a call.

    Haven't heard from her since.

    So today animal control stopped by to check on Goldie and the remaining pups (Goldie was adopted by the way, she's leaving Monday after her staples are removed). So I brought up this conversation with them to let them know this lady might be calling them and ACO says, "oh, yeah, she came by yesterday just mad as hell."

    And then ACO explained to her that when a shelter dog is returned, they don't just make it disapear either and, in fact, the return certificate I would have had her fill out is EXACTLY what people have to fill out there too.

    So she got pissed and said she'd be calling the ASPCA and reporting Animal Control too.

    Smiffy--can I borrow that post now?

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    I wonder if she gives the bank this much trouble.


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      wow some ppl :) sure help your self to my post :) you will find a smiffy shaped head dent in it :lol:
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        Thats scary, I would be home cheaking and be prepared to take the dog back when things were not good. I'd be scared of what she is doing with this puppy now that shes not getting her way.
        The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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          your right about home checks celtech i've only ever turned one home down flat (big cross across her record!!) and made provisions on others but most go through well :)

          all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)


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            Great house, HUGE high-fenced yard, really sweet lady (when I met her), self-employed with a great income. She took the puppy to her vet the day after she adopted. He called me wanting to know if I knew what day it was born and what the breed was and if it had received any shots or medications (this did kinda catch me off guard because ALL of this information is on the adoption contract).

            So I don't know. She seemed when we first met like the perfect pet owner. Her application was incredible. She was the kind of person I wish all people were like.

            Boy have things changed. lol

            Someone else mentioned what happens if she throws it in the street or takes it to the pound or puts it in a home or whatever. I am worried and now that I'm feeling a lot better (and have my voice back) I'm going to give her a call tomorrow and remind her that the contract is valid unless she signs the return certificate. Even if she "gets rid" of the puppy she's still responsible for the spay certificate come November if the return isn't signed. That is what the problem was in the first place, her being charged the fee when the puppy wasn't spayed. So I can't imagine she just "got rid of" the puppy knowing all this.

            But I'll call tomorrow and if I don't hear from her I'll send ACO out there Tuesday for an investigation.


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              Hope everything is O.K.

              Good luck. Hope the dog is O.K. and you find a good home for it with a sane person.


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                But I'll call tomorrow and if I don't hear from her I'll send ACO out there Tuesday for an investigation.
                I like this idea.