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Pit Bull rescue needed ASAP (Southern USA)

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  • Pit Bull rescue needed ASAP (Southern USA)

    I have a stray pit bull that came in today that I need gone ASAP.

    He is a very VERY good dog. VERY friendly, VERY loving, seems to know basic commands, gets along great with other dogs, doesn't seem to give a rats behind about the cat (but they haven't been up front close to eachother). No clue if he's crate trained or housebroke yet. And he doesn't seem to be food aggressive. He is an AWESOME dog.

    He's at least 10, maybe closer to 20 pounds underweight. I offered him some food and he inhaled most of it but not all. I will deworm him in the next couple of days. He really, really wants to be at your side so he's having some minor seperation anxiety by himself.

    The underside of his neck seems to be slightly scabbed over. Doesn't look like fighting wounds though and his attitude and personality doesn't "scream" fighting dog. I'd say it looks more from maybe a chain or rope around his neck too tight and it rubbed the area raw.

    The problem though is that it's an intact male and I can't house him because my rescues are pregnant/new litter females (meaning no unspayed females). I have to keep him either inside and crated or locked up in a room by himself or outside for the most part by himself. I have one spayed female that he's doing incredible with, they are playing together outside and he follows her around like a little lost puppy. Which, ironically, is pretty much what he seems to be. I'd say he's probably 8 months old, give or take, and is a golden color with blue-ish eyes.

    He's a really good dog and I sure wish I could keep him but I'm not authorized to place him in a home. Our city has strict laws for "bully" breeds and I just don't see any other breed I could label him as. My options are placing him in a rescue group or surrendering to the shelter where chances are he'll be euthenized. But he's just too sweet a dog to do that.

    So if anyone can find a transport and take him or let me know if you're a pit bull rescue and can take him! I'm in the corner of Alabama, about 20 miles from Georgia and Florida.

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    YAH!!! (clapping hands and jumping for joy)

    Well, I got in touch with a local rescue group for Pit's and though all their foster homes are full, they have agreed to neuter him (with their dollar) and will be posting him on their website, approving any applications and doing home checks.

    So in 10 pounds, "Little Man" will be neutered and then he's here with the girls until the rescue group places him.



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      Way to go Dog Lover... Good on ya!


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        That`s great news!
        Animals always become best friends.


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          Yeah and unfortunetly he was stolen from my yard this morning and I haven't seen or heard from him since. It really makes me angry, I had worked so hard for this little guy the last few days. And to make matters worse, his owners called me about half an hour after I noticed Little Man was missing. I met with his owners anyway. I saw pictures and papers on him and all sorts of vet receipts from vaccinations to the wound around his neck, "graduation" papers from obedience classes only a week earlier. They only had him for about a month when he turned up missing from their yard. I know he didn't get out of my yard on his own (like jumping or climbing the fence) for a couple reasons. One, my back is set up where the gate in the back yard will latch on to the railing up the stairs (and the fence is 8 feet and then we fenced up the railing just for this reason--so no dog could use the rail as a step to climb out). And we don't use the back door for any reason other than letting dogs in and out so we always leave the gate latched to the steps so they can come and go as they please. Anyway. I ran to the gas station today, was gone for about 15 minutes, and when I got back the gate was latched to the pole, not the stairs. And it's not an "easy swing" gate and it's got 4 latches on it for extra security. Someone HAD to take off all the latches from the steps, close the gate and then they relatched it to the pole to close the yard off from the steps. Not to mention, the collar that was around his neck with ID tags was unbuckled and laying in between the chain-link, several feet away from the gate (so it wasn't like it had gotten snagged on the fence and came off). He did not get out of the yard, he was taken out of the yard.

          Anyway. The owners only live about a block and a half from me and they called the police when I explained what happened. I guess they already had an investigation open because it was a similar case when he turned up missing from their yard. So I guess it's possible whoever took him from their yard may have been the same person who took him from mine.

          But obviously he got away from this other person so maybe he will again and either come here or go back to his owners. They are going to keep in touch with me.

          And the group that agreed to sponsor his neuter will still sponsor him even though his home has been found. And the owners are all for having this done.

          It just really sucks and I'm upset.


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            That's scary. I hope you, or someone, finds him again. I'll keep him in my thoughts.


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              I hate it when dogs are stolen. Good Luck with this. I hope he is found.