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help needed in missouri

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  • help needed in missouri


    these three english setters are in missouri and need help.
    i will warn you now you will cry. permission to cross post (please do)
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    That is so sad, the extent of human crulety is astounding, I can't believe anyone would allow any animal to be treated in such away, or could stand to do such a thing to an animal. I hope whomever did this is caught and charged. This is why we need better breeding laws and better identification laws to be able to track people like this down.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      Whoever did that doesn`t have a heart
      It`s so sad.
      Animals always become best friends.


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        I remember them from my email list, and another forum. That website is now down, but it was a shame, all the way around.


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            This is sick, humans are the cruelest breed of animal out there :( makes my heart sink to see animal cruelty, and makes me soo angry :evil:

            Also, i wish people would stop spamming these forums, this is a serious subject, take your scam links elsewhere!
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