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Grandma wants a christmas puppy (Oregon)

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  • Grandma wants a christmas puppy (Oregon)


    I was wondering if anyone knew of a small breed rescue in Oregon.

    My grandmother has asked my mom for a puppy for christmas. Her last dog, Tessie, was an aging but happy and completely spoiled rotten Yorkshire Terrier that passed away some time ago.
    We can't afford a papered show pup. We just want a pet quality companion for grandma. I'm trying to avoid puppy mills and the pet stores supplied by them. I'd like to find a rescue or shelter in Oregon with a yorkshire or similar type of dog. If a quality breeder has a cheap pup for adoption for some reason we would also be happy with that. Mom and grandma live in Springfield, OR and I'm in Portland area, so those areas would be best.

    Thank you so much for your time,
    fuzzywuzzy :D

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    Hi and welcome to the board!! Thanks soooo much for considering a rescue for your newest family addition. So many puppy millers and pet shops are cranking out litter after litter to meet the "Holiday Demand" , and it's refreshing to know that you are looking to save a dog's life over contributing to the pet shops and puppy millers. Kudos to you!!! :D Anywho, I'm in Texas and have never been to Oregon but this was the best I could come up with. The following are links to rescues in Oregon..there are a few that small breeds in there and several of these sites have TONS of rescue listings that are breed specific (i.e- list them by size or breed) I posted alot of sites and some of them have lots of listings so it may take a while to sort through all the dogs available for adoption. And if for some reason you don't find what your looking for you may call your local city consel office or animal control and see if they can give you a listing to shelters or humane societys in your area. Good Luck and happy holidays to you and your family!!! :D
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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      as a rescue bod i must warn you we are always dubious and nearly always turn down ppl when they ask for a dog 'for christmas'

      this is not always the case we know and we also know that some ppl just want to invite a dog into their home over the holidays as its the time for goodwill which is always lovely but there are ALWAYS those who want one JUST for xmas and will hand them over after the season has finished.

      now as you have noticed the papered pooches are more costly and so a rescue is the next option.

      many rescues are tired of the dogs coming in year after year. we are filling up now with the old dogs as its out with the old in with the new and this will continue right through to april may when the xmas pups are not so cute anymore.

      i am not trying to lecture you i just want you to see that although your intentions may be pure if you walk in and say my nan wants a pup for chrimbo you may well find the door shut in your face.

      take your time. the staff will want to meet your nana. explain that the dog in her life died some time ago and you all feel now is the time for another companion and as its the christmas season you would like to invite a dog into her home at this special time.

      many rescues do not adopt out over xmas so you may be put on a waiting list or you may be able to reserve a dog until after xmas and visit during the weeks until you can take pup home.

      the dogs i have here with me in foster do not leave me over the season unless i am very sure of whats happening ie i will not let out to families with young children or to families having ppl round.
      a new dog into the home neess routine and over xmas is the time where everything is out of whack and everyone is busy and excited.

      a very good example for you is lu lu the retriever here with me. lu has a couple wanting to adopt her which is fantastic. they are a couple on their own with just mum staying over xmas. i would have let lu go to them as for them its a quiet time and the man of the house is off work BUT lu has not been released to them because they are off over the new year on a new years break which would mean a trip to boarding kennels. far too stressful - first rehomed then dropped off to kennels when she has already suffered in kennels before she came to me.

      lu will be rehomed to the couple in the second week of january. dont think the staff are being funny with you they are there for the dog welfare and it will be the dogs they are thinking of.
      all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)