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Adopting a pot bellied pig.

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  • Adopting a pot bellied pig.

    I'm thinking about adopting a pot bellied pig but since there isn't a forum here for that kind of discussion I figured this was as good a spot as any.

    I'm just wondering if anyone's ever had one or known someone who had one as a pet and if you'd care to share any stories (good or bad).

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    I like pigs..potbellied and plain old farm pigs. :) We had a pot belly pig when I was a kid...very smart and thought it was a dog. And they aren't dirty like lots of folks say...least "snickers" wasn't..she liked baths

    My aunt in law had one when me and hubby first got together....hers stayed in the house. lol Ours when I was a kid wasn't allowed didn't like a pig in the house she

    I used to show hampshire and duroc pigs for FFA and 4H...had a blast with them and they were sooo sweet.

    Pros & Cons: Pot Bellys are soo cute when they are babies, but when they are adults I swear they are soooo ugly !! LOL (no offense to anyone who owns one) You also have to monitor their diet & exercise because they can become obese very quickly. Not to mention...most folks think pot bellies are small and stay small...not so. I have seen them get up to 400 pounds (dunno if this one was a freak of nature or was at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo)!!! Just depends on diet and exercise I suppose. I'm not sure about the lifespan though. Snickers was around 175 lbs and about 5 or 6 year old and we had to move so mom gave her to the man down the street.

    LOL...Dogmom......A thought just occured to me...are you trying to start your own private zoo???? :) lol Between your pets, the fosters and rescues and now a lil' pot I dunno how you ahve time.

    Promise me if you get one though you'll post pics alright???? :)
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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      START my own zoo??? Nah--just adding on to it!! LOL I absolutely love the "farm life" (which is rather weird considering I was born city). I don't know why but I've always been attracted to the farm type guys and the old farm-house like styles. Some day I will own a cute little white house out in the middle of nowhere with a little picket fence (okay, it might be a 10 foot picket fence but you get the idea). :lol:

      I've been doing a lot of reading lately and I've read that they can grow anywhere from 20 to 250 lbs though most websites I've seen say 150 tops. And the average lifespan of 9 to 15 years.

      I understand that they can get bored easily so lots of toys and entertainment is a necessity. Which isn't a problem, I LOVE buying fun toys.

      As far as exercise--um.....what do you do? Put it on a leash and take it for a walk???

      What about crate training and house breaking? Will they be okay to spend the night in a crate (for their own safety)? And will they make some kind of noise or go to the door when they want to go out? I have heard they can be litter trained but DAMN that'd be a HUGE litter box!!! Unless it can climb the stairs to the attic I don't think there's room downstairs for a box that big. LOL

      I think my biggest concern right now is how my dogs would react to it. I've read that they are great with kids and other dogs but it's still if my dogs would be okay with a pig. You know??

      I don't know yet. Still thinking about the whole idea. Maybe I'll wait. People breed them around here for pets so I know there'll always be one or two available. We have thought about moving by the end of fall or so. Maybe I'll just wait awhile. Do a little more research and learn all I can. Not to mention, my yard is already split up for my dogs, foster dogs and puppies so I can't really split it up much more to add a dedicated area for a pig (though I plan to make it an inside/outside pet). It still needs some outside run time and though I think I have the time to bring another pet into the home I really don't have the time to monitor a pig outside in the yard with the dogs. You know??

      So we'll see. Still thinking about it.


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        LOL...I'm sorry but this is cracking me up!

        My mom said she saw a coulpe with a pot belly on a lead and harness at Petsmart once...I wasn't there to see it or ask questions but I'm sure it was amuseing. lol

        Far as excercise...I dunno really. When I was showing Hampshires, he last one I showed "Hank" had a squeaky, rubber toy that he loved. I would throw that in the feild behind our house and he would actually run to get it!! lol No lie either. It was great for me because ideal show condition was lean and muscular...with judges paying most attention to the loin and ham.

        At my last show with him..the majors at the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show, the muscleing down his back was so great you could roll a marble down his spine and it wouldn't roll off to either side (muscles on each side made a valley of sorts if that makes any sense)

        And his hindquarters were great..they look for a "dimple" above the tail...the deeper the dimple means the more trim and defined the ham muscles are...his was deep enough we could fit almost a 1/4 of a measuring cup of water.

        LOL the judge even stopped me in the sift ring and asked how I got his hams up so large and when I told him he loved playing fetch with a squeaker toy he almost died laughing!! lol Granted this pig weighted in at 489 pounds at sift time so imagining him playing fetch probably was funny. lol

        Anywho....sorry got sidetracked in my own chatter. lol

        Pigs are really smart smart, if not a bit smarter than dogs. If you start early I don't see why you couldn't teach it to do what a dog can do.

        Seriously though..if you get one I wanna see pics...and I'm gonna make a pic request..get someone to take a pic of you walking it on a :)
        "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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          Re: Adopting a pot bellied pig.

          Originally posted by DogMom
          I'm thinking about adopting a pot bellied pig but since there isn't a forum here for that kind of discussion I figured this was as good a spot as any.

          I'm just wondering if anyone's ever had one or known someone who had one as a pet and if you'd care to share any stories (good or bad).
          Hi, have you gotten your pot bellied? i'm also a city boy, ( i stayed in singapore ) and guess what, now where in singapore do they sell pot bellied or even miniature pigs. :( if you have gotten one, please please please show the photos??? i have been searching around some time ago, hoping to get one as well. honesty, they are really cute and clever. :D


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            :P Thanks!!! Haven't really made up my mind yet. Still doing some research. I want to learn all there is before I make the decision. I want it to be a lifelong commitment and want her to be as happy as any little piggy could be. I know with any new pet, dog, cat or pig, there's always going to be surprises. But the fewer the better.

            But I will post pics whenever I make up my mind. I'd just hate to get one right now and realize it was more than I could handle or anything and end up with an unhappy piggy.


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              :D Great! Honesty, that is really nice of you. Really, in singapore we have a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' ( SPCA ), and everyday, there are pets ( of all kind, from cats, to dogs, to birds, etc..) being carried in or call to take in because they were found in the streets. Its really heart breaking to see all the animals coming in ( i was there as volunteers ). Its really heart warming to know that you are giving great thoughts and effort before even getting one. :D


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