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  • Starting a rescue

    if anybody has tips on how to start a basset hound rescue please let me know i am looking for donations like food from purina or stuff like that to help lower my cost.

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    Running rescue is never an easy thing to do, nor is it cheap. Start by talking to your vets in town, see if you can find one that will give you a rescue discount, this should help cover your rescue dogs vet bills. Next let people in your area know that your starting a rescue, develop a rescue website and contact other rescues in your area, include other purebred rescues, humane societies and SPCA's, let people in the community know your looking for food donations and that if they go on the purina website they can fill out a form for a free bag of dog food and donate the cupon to you, thats one of the major ways alot of rescues around here get their dog food. In fact around here, getting food is not the issue, the issues are finding foster homes and getting things like cheap vet care and bedding, cleaning materials and those types of things, food is donated all the time to rescues around here. Good luck and I wish you all the hope in the world that you are able to help lots of needy dogs.
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      Originally posted by celtechfarms
      Running rescue is never an easy thing to do, nor is it cheap.
      This is true. Also, in running a rescue, you must also invest your time.


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        This would really cost time, not to mention effort. Getting a good place and some sponsors too would be difficult.


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          If I haven´t broken forum rules with this post and it still excists there, check:

          (I put a free place for animal rescues to tell about their work on my site.)

          Leena :)
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            National and lists of dog, and other pet rescue and adoption organizations, shelters and agencies, and adoption and rescue assistance.
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              I am currently working on opening a Bully Breed Rescue, and the hardest thing is money. If you have the drive to help the animals, you'll definitely need money.

              We have thought of other ways to raise money. You're probably going to need to form a lot of fund raisers, use sites like CraigsList, gather free items from people you know to resell, things like this. They're small things, but enough small things will take you a long way. We are also starting "M&R K9 Transport" to bring in some more money for the rescue.
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                Coooooooool~ many thanks for you.


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                  applying for support

                  I think becoming a rescue is initially a natural process. You care so much that you end up taking care of so many animals than you get others to help including vets that care and then you need more space and then it's time to become a non-profit and acquire more donations!

                  By this time you have actually built a repertoire of those that see and trust what you do and can verify your intentions. By that time you can actually apply for grants. Once you get to a point where you are a registered non-profit and have projects with goals involving animal welfare, I'd apply for assistance with the PETCO Foundation. They aid thousands of groups with products (like dog food and dog beds and dog carriers... most general pet supplies that one would need) and financial backing.

                  I hope that helps (even though this post is old).[/code]
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                    HELP!!! Dear friends, if you love pets and animals at all and can‘t remain unmoved by animal harm, please be so kind to help stray dogs and cats in Lithuania. Because of lack of financial support from state, animals are killed in very savage way, although it is possible to find them a new home. We don‘t have much time, cats and dogs are killing each day...

                    For more information please see: or!/pages/Uz-gyvunu-teises-Lietuvoje/140568255982640?sk=info

                    You can donate:
                    Recipient : VsI „PENKTA KOJA“;
                    Address: Birzelio 23-iosios gatvė 6-36, Kaunas
                    Account nr.: LT497300010106206608 Swedbank;
                    Bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, 03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
                    SWIFT code: HABALT22


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                      If you're interested in I'm open to help you anyway I can. In my case: promoting separate listings (rescued dogs, cats, horses...), advertising, blogging, videos, polls, quizzies with the same topic, fund raising, website building, backlinks, SEO settings and much more. Of course everything is for free, cause I know how expensive could be this type of helping animals.

                      I really enjoy your project and I'd like to help you as good as I can ;-)


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                        I hear these guys release 90% of what they catch they are in huntsville alabama and do animal removal they can put you in contact with some rescue people


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                          low cost rescue

                          also he has contacts in humane society for food etc.


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                            If you're looking for a pet to join your life, PetRescue brings thousands of loving, adoptable pets to one place. Dogs, puppies, kittens, cats and even guinea pigs and rabbits are all being given a second chance at PetRescue.