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cripled horse needs help

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  • cripled horse needs help

    my grandma's horse was caught in a fence about 9 months had its hoof torn off and its foot swolle up.It now has blood clots.she has kept it alive because she thinks theres a hope.she needs help. contact her by calling her number 326-5194 or at she really needs your help go to these links to see the horse

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    Oh, no that is horrible I REALLY wish I could help!


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      This is amazing, of course my first thought was hoax, as the board has had emergency requests before, but this is simply an amazing case. He's an intresting way of standing, with the mising foot it would be assumed he would stand like a lamnites case, with his back legs under him not way back like that, so that he was placing his weight on his back legs and not his front. Have you spoken to an vet collages about this. This actually very shocking. Vet collages will often be able to help where regular vets can't. He appears to have some hoof left along the back, its hard to see what we're looking at. What is the electrical tape for? Are you building up the remaining hoof wall to secure the shoe to? Or is there another purpose for it? Very intresting indeed.
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