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seems like Kitten left behind.

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  • seems like Kitten left behind.

    Hi all,

    I'm a new member here and it was'nt a good situation that has brought me to this forum.

    I moved into a private rent flat on the 27th november, and on the 29th I got a little visit in the form of a kitten trying to get into my flat and I just thought she was alittle chancer and did'nt let her in.

    So I started to arrange the living room and I moved a wardrobe and found a some cat toys so that started me thinking about this little cat, so then I started cleaning the bathroom and came across a cat poopa scooper! I also noticed there was damage to one of the blinds and something was scratching at the wallpaper in the kitchen. my landlord also left me a hover so the last tenant never emptyed it so I was emptying the hover and it fell onto the floor and I could see lots of little black hairs.

    So I thought that this little cat must belong to this flat and I took it in and it seemed to know its way around. So I tryed to get ahold of my landlord but could'nt, so I put up some notices in my local vet and local shop to say I had found this little cat and a phone number to be contacted on. but never recieved any so since then I've been looking after this little kitten which is'nt in the best of shape, it feels like its had fleas, it's backside is swollen with a lovely smell (thinking she in heat) shes been in afew fights and had alot of cuts on her neck (back) and legs. The kitten I'd say is about 6-9months old.

    I recieved a email from my landlord tonight replying to my email about if the last tenant had a cat and this was the reply I got:

    The last tennant did mention that he / his girlfriend had left a cat (temporarily!). I'll get in touch with him and see if he knows about it.
    Now this does'nt seem right to me as the weather in the highlands has been -5 and I'm disgusted that anyone could leave a kitten out in the middle of winter "temporarily" with no food or water and expect they can come back and take her when it looks like she has'nt been giving the care she needs. But saying that I dont know if the last tenant left her with someone else to look after and shes just came home! So just wondering if any of you people have any advice on the subject?

    Thank you for any replys and advice.

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    See what your landlord finds out, chances are whoever had the place before you abandoned the kitten. Its good of you to take her in but if your not willing to keep her you should think about handing her over to an SPCA or animal control where she'll get proper medical care for the fleas and be spayed as well. Its a sad turn of events but its great that you have decided to look after her while things are straightened out.
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      Thank you for the advice celtechfarms :D I've got the feeling that the kittens been abandoned, so I'll just need to wait and see what happens on my landlords side.

      I have no problem with giving her a home for the rest of her life and I dont think there should be a problem with the lanndlord as he allowed the last tenant to have this kitten. So I'll email him back saying that if the last tenant doesnt want her back I'll look after her and get her dressed and treated for the flea's and worms.

      It is indeed sad how some people can act towards animals, I already have a rescued cockatiel just seems everytime I move I end up with a new edition to my little family :) (which is'nt a bad thing) but I dont think I'll move for awhile as I think a dog is next on the list.

      Thank you again for your advice and i'll keep you update don what happens :)