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  • This Kitten Needs Help

    Yesterday my husband brought home an approximately 7-8 week old kitten that someone had dumped outside his place of business.

    The kitten is very, very weak; suffering from anemia (caused by fleas), dehydration and anorexia. I called our local humane society to try and get help and was informed that there are NO vets that they work with. If I had taken her there I'm positive they would have euthanized her.

    I have given her a flea bath and she seems to be eating well, but she cannot stand on her hind legs and at the moment seems to be incontinent.

    My husband and I have very little means as I am disabled. If anyone knows of any vet or animal rescue group in SW Georgia that might be able to help, my husband and I would be forever grateful. We are both animal lovers and this little kitten is absolutely a sweetheart. She deserves a chance and I will do whatever I can to give her one.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Karen Rose

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    Call around your local Vets and see if anyone of them will help this kitten and then adopt her out :)


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      think you can either check with your vet or if you could find any blue cross just let them know they will be able to help you out.
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        Yes, absolutely nobody can help you out but a local vet in your area. Or try to contact some animal rescue group that can possibly treat the kitten and adopt it. Surely, your problem will be solved if you try these suggestions.
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