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Catching the uncatchable!

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  • Catching the uncatchable!

    Okay, I really need some help.

    I am an animal control officer in my local city. Unfortunately the people here SUCK. No one really cares, not even our government for that matter. I'm in one of the last few states where animals are considered personal property, and nothing more.

    Here's my problem. I have three packs of dogs that I have tried religiously to catch. I can't get within 20 feet of these guys. I've put myself in harms way to catch them (crawling under unsafe, ready to collapse buildings that were probably there before Jesus). I have spent hours of personal time trying to be-friend them, with no luck. I've set live capture traps (baited with food). They either didn't fall for it or did and some crazy "oh no, don't let animal control get them" idiot would release them from the trap. I've tried a net gun (shoots a net out).

    We don't have a vet on staff so the sedative we have isn't the best, it can take a LONG time to kick in. And because these packs are in wooded areas in the center of the city they run the risk of the sedative kicking in while the dog is in the middle of the road where people are flying by doing 50 mph or more.

    Anyway. I just want some thoughts about how else to catch these dogs! The city just says oh well and we let them continue to breed and catch as many newborns as we can. But the cycle will just continue and I'm exhausted! Their other thought is to just "take them out" (ie 9 mm in the middle of the night when no one is around). I know these dogs are wild at this point, and probably beyond socializing since we just don't have the time or foster homes to provide to them. But I'd rather they be caught and humanely euthenized then hit by a car or shot!!

    I just want some thoughts cause this is tearing me apart. I can't imagine we're the only city with seemingly uncatchable wild dogs.

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    You say they are in a wooded area, can you set up the live trap in the wooded area where it wont be seen, maybe even using seditive laced food so the dog is not heard crying to get out?
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      I tried that last fall. Caught two puppies, three adults NOT part of the pack and a slew of possoms and coons. The two adults I'm focusing on I think are smarter than the trap. I think over the last year they've been caught and released so much they know what it is.

      I'm going to ask permission to contact the ASPCA and talk to them. I noticed on their website they have a section for stuff like this.


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        It is very difficult to get rid of the stray dogs. Unless the government pass special legislation we cannot shoot them to death and the menace will continue.
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