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HELP! 5 inch Cottontail mucus, bubbles, choking

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  • HELP! 5 inch Cottontail mucus, bubbles, choking

    We rescued a baby bunny about 6 days ago and he would not stay in the nest when we tried to return him it but instead readily hopped back to my girlfriend. I could go into details about everything but he has seemed fine this whole time until this morning and my girlfriend discovered he has alot of mucus seeping from his nostrils which is leading to the bubbles mentioned. He also looks like he is trying to regurgitate a hair ball. We have done much research but vets will not see him and rescuers can only lend an ear to our plight for deniability reasons. We all had a sinus infection recently that led us to cough, and be extremely congested -- just like the rabbit appears to be suffering. I read that rabbits can communicate some diseases to humans so could we have given him our sickness?

    We have collected samples and I will be trying to get them to someone who can culture it immediately. We both know that this is a wild animal and this kind of thing happens but we can't give up on him... This rabbit searches for her when she is gone and comes to her when she is near. He shows no fear and becomes uncomfortable only when he must be put down.

    He is still eating dandalion greens even with his sickness. When she awoke this morning it appeared as though he did not borrow in his bedding to keep warm last night. Cold the cold have brought this on?

    All we can do for now is wipe some of the drainage with q-tips and tried gently suctioning it out with a medicine dropper.

    I am trying to get a video posted of the rabbit and his symptoms and as soon as it is available I will get it on here. If you know of ANY other courses of action or resources please post.

    Thank you for your concern and insights. We are praying that he lives to be released! Its all we want for him and all suffering animals and people.

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    A post of sheer quality, many thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community.