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HELP! Raising a willy wagtail!!

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  • HELP! Raising a willy wagtail!!


    This morning a Wagtail (Motacilla alba) came in to my house.
    It was walking inside in the apartment as i noticed it cannot fly. The bird doesn't exactly look like an adult, but it's not a baby chick either.

    Well, now i'm a bit stuck. I have no idea what to do with it, as i'm not very good with animals. But i want to keep it here, feed it and prey for him to fly and be free again.
    I'm currently keeping the wagtail in a big box with a towel, a water bowl and a little bowl were i will keep feeding him 2-3 mealworms every day.

    So basically my question is.
    Is there anyone out there with a few tips on how to raise a wagtail? What should i do to help him fly again.
    What should i feed him etc?

    Best regards
    Simon A. Solberg :?