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Looking for US ex battery hen rescue charities?

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  • Looking for US ex battery hen rescue charities?

    Hi everyone

    I'm new here, but i'm hoping you can help me in some way.

    I'm based in the UK, where we have several charities now set up to rescue ex battery hens from slaughter at the end of lay.

    Basically a few kind hearted people meet up with the van transferring the hens to the slaughter house, and grab as many as they can to be rehomed. They leave in a terrible state, but they grow into beautiful charming pets who usually provide a plentiful supply of eggs once they've recovered from their ordeal.

    I'd love to raise awareness of the fact that these birds can be saved, in the US too, although I only know of one charity which works solely to rescue ex battery hens in the whole of the US!

    Does anyone know of any others? I'm looking to add the details to my site to help others to rehome these birds. I really don't feel there is enough being done in the USA at the moment about this issue.

    If you've never heard of rehoming ex battery hens before, my site has more info

    Please do have a read and contact me directly at the email address at the bottom of my site (or pm me here) if you can provide assistance with naming more US charities which do this kind of work :)

    Together, hopefully we can raise awareness of this problem.
    I'm trying to raise awareness of the need for people to stop buying battery eggs. My site has a section which promotes those who save battery hens from slaughter, please see [url][/url]