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NYC ACC Shelter - Kill list for Saturday 01/14

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  • NYC ACC Shelter - Kill list for Saturday 01/14

    Tonight there are 5 cats on the list, due to be killed in the morning, unless they get someone to foster or adopt them. Fostering is a worthwhile experience and it only has to be a for little while if thats all you can manage.

    These cats only have tonight to be saved, you need to contact a rescue by midnight at the latest as they start killing at 6am although the shelter doesnt open until 8am. NYC ACC is very different to a lot of other city shelters, the cats get very little time, some have only been in 1 day before ending up on this list.

    A list of all the rescues who can help you with adopting or fostering are listed under each cat. If you need any help post it within the picture for the cat you are interested in, someone will try and help you.

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    All 5 were saved.


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      Thanks for the info! :)
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