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NYC ACC Shelter - Kill list for Sunday 01/15

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  • NYC ACC Shelter - Kill list for Sunday 01/15

    There are 5 cats on tonight's list, some of them looking very dejected and a couple in real need of a guardian angel.

    Just for reference, the Facebook page is not responsible in any way with what goes on in NYC ACC or has any control of it either, the page is just trying to help the cats find a new home by foster/adoption, it really is their last chance, from the moment the list is up, they have till 6am the next day.

    Everyone can do something.
    If you can't adopt - foster...
    If you can't foster - - volunteer...
    If you can't volunteer - donate...
    If you can't donate - educate, network, and cross-post...
    EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING, large or small, to help save a life!!!!

    Thanks for reading.

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    TIMBER is a one year old lady who has been surrendered into the shelter as a stray, she is very scared and is hiding as much as she can in her cage and doesnt like being examined, but not many cats do. Medically she only has minor non-contagious conditions, which is more than likely her gingivitis, please someone come forward for her and give her someone new to call a home, before they kill her in the morning.


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      JESSY needs out of the shelter NOW!! She is only 7 weeks old and was dumped in the shelter as a stray, however, she has possible pneumonia and had hypothermia. However she does have a good appetite. She just needs out of there immediately to be given urgent medical care.


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        TIGGER is a sweet gray tiger who came in as a stray. He is now alone and abandoned without a friend in the world. He has been on his own for some time and needs some TLC. He has not known human care or love for sometime. Doesn't he deserve a real home? Look at the sadness in his face. Please save this guy and relieve his pain.


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          JAY is a tiger girl who came in as a stray. She has a cold now and they couldn't even bother to give her a behavior rating. I am sure she has a lot of love to give if only she had a calm home where she could shine. But she will die tomorrow unless she has a guardian angel to come rescue tonight.


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            Poor JANE...this is one kitty that life has not been kind to. JANE thought someone would finally help her when she was turned in as a stray on Thursday. She is only 2 yrs old and doesn't even weigh 3 lbs. JANE's growth is possibly stunted from her life on the streets, she's missing some teeth, she was dehydrated...this little girl was starving. JANE thought she was going to be safe at the shelter. After only 2 days there, they want to KILL her. Please be JANE's hero her that there is good people out there. That there are people who care, that there is someone for her. Show JANE that she's not garbage I'm begging for JANE...please ADOPT or FOSTER this sweet, shy kitty. Contacting a Rescue would insure JANE of safety.



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              Final Tally

              Not a good result unfortunately - only 1 cat was saved and that was Tigger.



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                Thanks for the info! :)
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