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cat hiding from me when he used to be so friendly

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  • cat hiding from me when he used to be so friendly

    I took in 2 stray cats (mother and son) whom I had fed and taken care of while they were living in a shelter in my backyard. These 2 cats live with my Aunt downstairs, but I do most of the caretaking. Before bringing them in to the house, I took them both to the vets for their shots, and to check them since they both seemed ill. The vet said they both had upper respiratory infections and she kept them for 2 weeks, giving them antibotics etc. they were both well when I took them home/ (they have been living in my Aunts house for the past month). The first week after I took them home the boy cried everyday that week. Then he seemed much better. Since I check on them everyday, as well as feed them and spend time with them, they were both friendly to me. On 1 occassion my husband went to feed them and the boy ran and hid. I guess because he doesn't see him often. After that for the past week he has run and hid from me. 2 days ago he came to me and let me pet him and spend time with him. Yesterday and today he ran away from me and hid again. I feel really bad and am worried that he is not feeling well or that it could be something else. I have given him tuna which he loves and he started to eat it while he was under the table where i could not reach him. Today I gave him something else and I am not sure if he ate it. He has been running away from me and hiding, I leave his food where he knows it will be and it has been mostly untouched, and it is possible that his mother has been eating some of it since she has a great appetite.

    I wonder if anyone has had this type of problem after bringing spray cats to live indoors, and if so how did they finally get the cat to come to them.

    I will try anything to get him to come to me, it breaks my heart to see him isolate himself. I have found some of the places that he hides and as he is just looking at me I leave him treats, etc., to try and coax him out of an area where I cannot physically reach him.

    I adopted 2 cats 2 years ago that live in my house. These cats were in a shelter for a while and they were around alot of people but 1 of them still had some problems dealing with other animals and people but he has warmed up alot since then. He was abused by other cats, I found something he liked (which was he liked to be sang to, after spending 6 months of singing to him he now is practically attached to my hip and even sleeps in my bed, and looks at me while I fall asleep (actually both cats sleep with my husband and I, unfortually there is no room for me, lol). These 2 cats fight at times but for the most part they get along. In fact the older cat grooms the younger cat every day.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. :cry:
    Thank You,

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    Thanks for the info! :)
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