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  • Help Sophie's Safe House Rescue Center

    Please help donate to my favorite organization. They need all the help they can get since they have so many animals come in.

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    Re: Help Sophie's Safe House Rescue Center

    Hi Jess, can you please tell us a little more about Sophie's Safe House Rescue Center? Location? What type of animals they rescue?


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      Re: Help Sophie's Safe House Rescue Center

      Hi jess...I just 'googled' "Sophie's Safe House Animal Rescue" and did not get any google results. Please do you have a link for any information about this animal rescue, or their website/Facebook Page....etc?
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        Re: Help Sophie's Safe House Rescue Center

        Tobi, the OP started the thread on 27.01.2013 and has not been back to this forum since then. You could try sending a PM to her, as she might get an email notification of your PM (if she has that facility selected).

        I looked at the fundraiser link and it has not received any donations from 2013 to the present date. The link was authorised a long time before I became a moderator (and later admin). You will see that Philip asked for more information, but this was never provided.

        These days we usually remove the fundraiser direct link (unless it is a recognised animal charity rather than an individual) and suggest that members personally contact (by PM) the member making the appeal, to request detailed information. This is because with third party fundraising sites there is no way of independently verifying if the funds raised have been spent as intended, as they go into an unknown account.
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