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New members: links to YouTube videos

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  • New members: links to YouTube videos

    We have had lots of people join the forum over the past year or so, who do not introduce themselves or join other discussions. They merely keep posting links to their own You Tube videos. Whilst some of these videos are interesting, instructive or amusing, this forum exists for members to share discussion, not just post links to videos.

    In the past when there were fewer of these "Watch my You Tube video" people, I reminded such people of the purpose of this forum and requested that they desist from only putting in links to videos. In general they are not spammers, but only seek to promote their own videos. But many ignored requests to join discussions and continued to do the same, sometimes leading to banning. Endless and repeated links to animal You Tube videos - and nothing else - is not good for the forum.

    Please note that this forum does not exist as a means to promote your You Tube videos. If you become an established member, making frequent contributions to forum discussions, then you can later put a link in your signature. But this is a privilege and does not apply to new members with only a few posts linking to videos.

    Because the number of such people has grown substantially recently, please note that in future new members merely posting a link to their You Tube videos, without any discussion or introduction, will risk being banned immediately, without warning or further explanation.
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