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  • Crowdfunding policy

    This forum frequently receives new threads by new members, asking for money via crowdfunding. Sometimes this is for medical treatment of an individual pet or sometimes for helping a group of animals or an animal charity.

    The difficulty is that crowdfunding is organised via a third party site and there is no way of knowing if the money raised will be used as intended and no way of checking if it has finally been used as advertised. Most people asking for money are honest, but sadly there are a few scams as well.

    To protect our members from any potential scam, please note that any thread asking for money via a third party site (crowdfunding) will have the direct link removed and will be replaced with these words:

    "Direct link to crowdfunding site removed. Any member interested in donating is advised to contact the poster of this thread via private message on this forum and to check the identity and genuineness of the person concerned, also to verify any veterinary estimates, before making any donation. Genuine people will not mind doing this. Thank you for your understanding in this matter."

    Please note that this ruling does not apply to bona-fide animal charities with their own websites, publicly viewable adresses and telephone numbers.
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