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Hypo or hyper Thyroid ?

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  • Hypo or hyper Thyroid ?

    Hi All
    My lab , female 4.5 yrs has this thyroid test values. Please help me to understand if this is hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism ?

    Parameter. Result. Reference
    T3 81.43 60-180 ng/dL
    T4 1.99 5.1-14.1 ng/dL
    TSH <0.005 0.27 - 5.0 ng/dL

    My vet was saying this is hypo. Normally when the TSH is low its hyper . But when vet says it?s hypo I am confused . so looking for a second opinion if my understanding is wrong


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    Re: Hypo or hyper Thyroid ?

    Firstly, a warm to the forum, Bindu! Please go to the introductions section to say hello to members and tell us more about yourself and your companion animals.

    I am not a vet, so I cannot help you on such a technical issue. However, according to the following page, T3/4 and TSH figures vary widely between different breeds:

    Unfortunately, the labrador is not one of the breeds studied. But it may give you rough parameters.

    There is a more generic (non breed specific) but very technical page here:

    Probably the most helpful page is the following:

    I hope that these links will help you, but ultimately interpretation of results is a complex issue, depending on breed, age, gender, other conditions, etc. and if you want a second opinion, then the safest choice is to go to another vet with the results and ask what s/he thinks about the figures.
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      Re: Hypo or hyper Thyroid ?

      binduss, I also don't have the experience with thyroid problems in dogs, and no veterinary or technical training to interpret lab. results concerning something I am unfamiliar with. I also didn't realise lab results can differ re: breed!

      I think your clearest option would be to seek another vet's second opinion. It might be wise before booking an appointment, to telephone first, ask to speak to the "head vet" there, and ask if they have sound experience with thyroid problems in dogs. There are many vets with varying experience and some are better than others of course.
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