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Kittens Thrown in Frying Pan in N.Y.

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  • Kittens Thrown in Frying Pan in N.Y.

    This is just disgusting.

    Kittens Thrown in Frying Pan in N.Y.

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Five kittens thrown into a frying pan with pork chops and hot oil were recovering at an animal shelter Monday, and the man accused of scalding them was awaiting a court appearance.

    The kittens, about six or seven weeks old, were injured Saturday when a visitor threw them into the cooking pan, authorities said.

    The kittens suffered slightly burned skin and are expected to recover.

    The resident of the apartment had left the kitchen, where he was cooking at the stove, when the kittens were scorched.

    ``The (visitor) started taking his clothes off, took two kittens, put them in the frying pan with the hot oil and pork chops and began swishing them around,'' said Charles Loubert Sr., an animal control officer. ``Then he threw one kitten on the floor and he took the other one and wiped it off on the wall. Then he put three more kittens into the frying pan.''

    Police said they anticipated the suspect, whose identity was not released, would be charged Tuesday with animal cruelty.

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    What goes through these people's minds when they do this? I can't see any decent human being thinking of doing such a thing to something so innocent.


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      blimey - thats one man with a one way ticket to a padded cell!
      all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)


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        That`s so sad
        Thank God the kittens are in safe hands and are recovering.
        Animals always become best friends.


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          thats horrible, why on earth would he do that???
          why cant more people think of animals as living beings with feelings??!!![/b]
          legs like a dolly


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            poor poor kittens. :(
            I don't now why(some)people are so mean to animals,I mean
            (I'm talking to him) what did the kittens do to you?
            animals are great!