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please help stop the murder of animals for art

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  • please help stop the murder of animals for art

    hi i am from windsor, ontario, and i am just informing everyone that there is a petition up to stop someone eho murders animals for art. her name is Nathalia Edenmont :evil: and she kills animals 15 minutes before she takes their picture. this is not a hoax, it is for real. her "art" can be seen at and if you look closely at the five mice you can see blood is trickling down her fingers. please sign the petition to stop her the petition is at please email petition to your friends. to see the art you must click on archive and then her name. this is for real and she must be stopped. the gallery is requesting she do larger animals in her new pictures. right now it is cats, rabbits, rats, mice, birds. please help. thank you kim :evil:

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    I just had to let you know I signed that petition right away! If people think killing animals for art is acceptable, than what comes next? Where does respect for life begin and end? Have you heard about the movie Mandalay? They killed a donkey for that movie and the director justified by saying that the animal was going to die anyway and it lived a week longer that it would of otherwise. What? Does that really make it OK? I'm frightened by the direction "art" is taking if this is the way it's headed. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I just stumbled upon this website and had to vent.


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      I had to let you know that I signed that petition as soon as I heard I have also sent it to friends and family who are also great animal lovers I hope once she sees this petition that she will stop the ruthless killings of animals for art! :evil:


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        I've posted this in other places as well.


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          I added my name immediately to this petition. This is the non-human equivalent of "snuff" films and is as morally repugnant!


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            I just added my name and emailed to friends and family.


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              I added my name too :evil:
              Blessed Be

              Salem Witch Child


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                As an artist, I find that to be very unartistic and conceited. Art is meant to SHOW people beauty and what is inside our heads. We aren't supposed to inflict pain upon someone or something else to show them what we want to present. That's not art, that's abusive. And I'm sickened someone would think something as grotesque and poorly constructed as this would even dare to consider it "art". I can't believe she hasn't been arrested and her art reported to the webmasters.

                Petition signed.


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                  "They" say abuse towards animals is the beginning "symptom" of serial killers. So we all know when it is she'll finally be arrested.

                  Dido to Araz.....petition signed.