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  • Monsters

    I can't believe what people are capable of and what monsters they can be. Sometimes i am ashamed to belong to the human race. Recently two cruel things happened in Slovenia. The first happened in July in natural park, where some monster brutally beat two female horses. One of them was only one year old. They had deep cuts over their head and broken bones... they had been beaten with machete or axe. Here is the first link: . They recovered in Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana, but they will have consequences their whole life. One of them will have problems with breathing. The torturer is mentally ill. The investigation continues, but i don't think there will be appropriate punishment. Here is another link: , and the last one: .

    You probably don't speak Slovenian but you can see photos.

    And another disaster has happened two days ago, when a 48 year old man tied his dog to car and dragged him to the forest, and then when the dog was dead, he left him by the road. He will probably get to 2 years in prison, but investigation continues, so everything can change.

    I think that people like that have no right to live on this planet and their punishments should be the same as if they would do that to a person. I really can't believe that there are monsters like that on this world :(

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    Re: Monsters

    I totally agree with you. Such cruelty is incomprehensible. But sadly, cruelty to animals is going on all over the world, all the time. In Korea, dogs are boiled alive for food; there is a lot on the net about that at the moment.

    Humans are a strange mix. Some are kind and loving, others are like the people you mentioned above. We can but hope that all humans will evolve to higher levels of empathy, eventually.
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      Re: Monsters

      I agree, sometimes I am ashamed to be part of this terrible race aswell.
      Why harm animals so much when we are animals ourselves, Monsters think that just because their species is more evolved than other animals they can treat them like this.
      All Monsters should be thrown in a deep deep ditch and only have mud and their own pee to drink and eat.
      That is how much I hate Monsters.