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  • Foxes


    Not sure if this is appropiate but I think something has gone awry in our green pastures,prior to moving to Wales,we had foxes lving at the bottom of our garden, a vixen and her cubs,we caught glimpses and sometimes saw the dog fox,but they stayed away from humans,this was many years ago.

    I have now moved to Wales in a farming community,the other morning,we looked out of our window and saw 3 foxes together,later on we heard a shotgun from the farmer.

    I was against hunting,but now feel that somehow we have upset the balance, and if foxes cant find enough food they are going to head for town,and then incidents like the one happening in the news,last time this happened,people took matters into their own hands and set traps, they didnt do that right and the poor animal suffered,there must be an answer.crystalgirl

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    Re: Foxes

    We upset the balance long ago, fox hunting was an integral part of managing our wildlife, it (despite many peoples uninformed opinions) was commonly accepted among experts and vets to be the most humane way to dispatch the animals.
    While i do prefer hunting to be in force, i will not however jump on the bandwagon of "lets cull them."
    Shooting is a highly inefficient method of dispatching foxes with as many as 15% of animals shot escaping injured (statistics from memory, but i can find the papers if people wish to read)


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      Re: Foxes

      Thank you for replying,I sometimes wish that one part of the planet could be a human free zone and the other half an Animal Free Zone as I feel that the rate of destruction is beyond belief, and its usually the Animals that suffer directly and indirectly from us humans.crystalgirl