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  • Eagles Ahoy!

    Hi All!
    Wasn't sure where to put this so I figured here was a good place, Admin/Mods if you think it should be somewhere else feel free to move it!

    So for the past several years I have been watching a live camera on some Bald Eagles (Some of you may already know what I'm talking about as they are VERY popular), they are in Decorah Iowa and are part of the Raptor Resouce Project. I think it is so awesome that this camera is on 24/7 with live chat 3 times a day (that will get more in the future) so we can watch these beautiful birds. Seeing them build the nest, lay their eggs and then watching the eggs hatch and the chicks grow and fledge is absolutely amazing and I want to share it with those that don't know about them!
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    Re: Eagles Ahoy!

    Fascinating live video link, although the mother (I assume) was sleeping when I looked. Thanks for telling members about this. There are often several hundred people looking at this forum at any point of time, so I'm sure that this will get picked up by many people, perhaps some who are not even members.

    I probably would have put this thread under "birdwatching", but it can stay here for now, so it gets noticed.
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      Re: Eagles Ahoy!

      Ah didn't even see the category bird watching or I would have lol If/when you want to move it there go ahead. One parent is always on the nest right now because they have 3 eggs! Which is pretty cool because only about 4% of all Bald Eagles lay 3 eggs, usually it's only 2 but this pair have laid 3 for the past 4-5 years now.

      Once you watch for awhile you can tell mom and dad a part, there are things you can look for. I have these eagles up 24/7 on my computer lol I absolutely love them!


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        Re: Eagles Ahoy!

        Wow! They are sleeping right now, both of them, but still... The internet never seizes to amaze me! :D