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Against Enslavement of Marine WildLife

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  • Against Enslavement of Marine WildLife

    I believe it is wrong to keep marine animals in captivity. They are separated at a young age from their families as they watch helplessly. They are placed into small tanks with others of their kind. They abuse each other and sometimes end up killing one another and injuring the trainers some injuries ending with death. They are forced to reproduce and their children are taken away from them leaving them depressed and confused calling for them and searching like any caring mother would. Today you can take a stand and be a part of the change to achieve something special. These amazing animals belong in better care and deserve a better life. By attending the businesses that hold these animals in captivity you teach your family that animal abuse is okay and that enslavement of any kind is acceptable. Today take a stand as we push towards a better place. By not attending these places they will be forced to close and these amazing animals will go to a better place where they are taken care of the right way, and keep humans from taking more baby animals from their families. Sign the petition below to make this world a better place for everyone. Thank you.

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    Re: Against Enslavement of Marine WildLife

    Welcome to the forum. It would have been better if you had introduced yourself before starting threads. Your thread was sent by the system for moderation, as new members are not normally to put live links into their posts. However, as the link is to an animal petition and is non-commercial, I have approved the link.

    Kindly note that you made two duplicate threads. This is contrary to forum rules and I have deleted the other one. Please do not do this again.

    I agree with the ideas behind the petition, but it does not seem to be directed at any particular specific organisation. To whom will it be sent?
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    Do animals have souls?


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      Re: Against Enslavement of Marine WildLife

      I agree. It is a very honourable petition. But is it to be sent to Marineland -or what?
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