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Shark that can live 400 years

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  • Shark that can live 400 years

    Just read a interesting article so i wanted to share some of the info. There is a shark species (Greenland shark) that can live up to 400 years of age. The article also talked about other animals that are known to live past the age of 100 like giant tortoises, bowhead whales and cockatoos. Elephants seem to have the closest relation in age to us averaging between 50-60 years, some can live as long as 80. There is a lot more i did not mention in the article so here is a link if anybody wants to look further into it... super cool article with nice pictures.

    PS there is a corral that is 5,000 years old... yikes

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    Re: Shark that can live 400 years

    Just had a read of the article. Even though the oldest Greenland shark is believed to be 400, the researchers think the AVERAGE is 272 years! Absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing the article TaurusLove420
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      Re: Shark that can live 400 years

      Heard something like that about turtles but never about sharks before.


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        Re: Shark that can live 400 years

        Fascinating information!
        Do animals have souls?


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          So long! :0