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  • Hi every one

    I have three horses right now.
    Reg QH Gelding , Grade QH Mare, and a 16 month old Appy Gelding out of the grade mare.
    I have been fascinated by horses since I was tiny, I have spent my life developing my abilities to"see" horses. talk to them and communicate with them on their level. I am a devoted practitioner of Marv Walker's "Mind Meeting Minds" Horsemanship Techniques, I have hosted four Marv Walker Clinics at our farm in central Indiana, I have also furthered my understanding of horses by attending a Horseman's Chiropractic clinic. and learned to determine how to decover pain issues that can cause unwanted behavior.
    I'm working on a hands off program right now with our little Gelding and it is coming along great.
    "One on One Help"
    Certified "Horsemanship Awareness" Practitioner

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    Wow Connie!!!!!!
    Welcome back!!!

    Long time no hear from!
    I have horses of my own now, too...
    Meet me down in the horse area....I've been working with natural horsemanship on my guys and having fabulous results!

    It is so good to "see" you again!